May 24

Basically B

Starting a blog has been on my to do list for quite a while. But you know how it goes, life gets a bit crazy and when it comes down to actually writing something, that will be, you know, OUT THERE for people to actually READ! Gets kinda scary!
So, knuckles white, and the mind going, I am finally sitting here making it happen! Whoop whoop (insert dancing emoji here)

What do I want on my blog? Well, coming down back to basics….BASICALLY B!

I’m not only planning on sharing baking tips, recipes, tricks, tutorials etc, I also want to have this focused on ME (realising now how totally self centred that sounds), and the diverse person I am. Which includes things I enjoy, questions I have and possibly even the answers to them.

I would like this to be interactive, so that its not just learning for me, but to share that learning with friends.

So hold on tight….HERE WE GO!